AFRICON Development is a real estate development company operating mainly in the USA, Europe and Africa, specialising in development, pursuit capital, construction management, property management and brokerage services. AFRICON focuses on investment in existing real estate and the development of new assets, primarily office, multi-family, student housing, senior living, education, industrial, research and hospitality market segments. 

 In Greece and neighboring countries, AFRICON handles construction and renovation projects under the affiliated company Techniki Diamorfosi.

Techniki Diamorfosi E.E. was created to enable everyone to upgrade their quality of life.
We are offering a better way of life, through the creation or renovation – reconstruction of your spaces.
For us, a building is the set of spaces that houses life experiences. Life and business experiences that are unique to you. We see the building as a means of capturing your own psyche and personal style.
Our different perspective, our heavy heritage, our deep know-how in projects of high demands, the creative – innovative practices that we follow, the wide network of partners and the clear procedures, guarantee the fulfillment of your goals.

Techni k Diamorfosi S.A. , active in construction field for 20 years, with a big list of all type constructions was recently revamped to Techniki Diamorfosi E.E. operating under the umbrella of the AFRICON Group.

AFRICON had been for some years the official representative of VIOHALCO Group, in Africa, initially focusing on Nigeria and Egypt. This term contract has now reached its end.

VIOHALCO S.A. is the holding company of the largest Greek metals processing group. Established in 1937, VIOHALCO S.A. has been listed on the Athens Stock Exchange since 1947.
VIOHALCO S.A. participates in approximately 90 companies, six of which (ELVAL S.A., ETEM S.A., HALCOR S.A., HELLENIC CABLES S.A., SIDENOR S.A., and CORINTH PIPEWORKS S.A.) are listed on the Athens Stock Exchange and are leading companies in their sectors. Additionally, VIOHALCO owns substantial real estate.

With production facilities in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and the United Kingdom, the companies specialize in the manufacture of copper ( HALCOR S.A. and SOFIA MED S.A.), aluminium (ELVAL S.A., ETEM S.A. and BRIDGNORTH ALUMINIUM Ltd) and steel products (SIDENOR S.A., STOMANA INDUSTRY S.A. and CORINTH PIPEWORKS S.A.) as well as cables (HELLENIC CABLES S.A. and ICME ECAB S.A.), generating an annual turnover of more than € 3 billion.

The VIOHALCO companies’ industrial activity abroad is represented, among others, by BRIDGNORTH ALUMINIUM Ltd, based in Bridgnorth, England, which manufactures lithographic sheets and foilstock, by STOMANA INDUSTRY S.A., a steel products manufacturer in Bulgaria; SOFIA MED S.A., a copper and brass processing company in Bulgaria and ICME ECAB S.A., a cable manufacturer in Romania.
Being strongly export-oriented, VIOHALCO, accounts for approximately 9% of Greece’s total exports. Products are sold in more than 60 countries worldwide, either directly or through the VIOHALCO companies’ commercial subsidiaries, in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Bulgaria, Italy, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro and Cyprus, as well as through an extensive network of representatives.

Focusing on high quality and reliability, VIOHALCO has founded ELKEME S.A., a Centre for Metals Research and Development. Additionaly, all of its major companies apply Quality Management Systems certified according to ISO 9001:2000 and hold product quality certificates issued by accreditation bodies from various countries, a fact that enhances the competitiveness of their products, in world markets.
VIOHALCO focuses on sustainable development and pays special attention on environmental protection. Most of its companies are certified according to ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System, while the rest of them are in the process and will be soon certified. Moreover, VIOHALCO is actively involved in metals recycling through its subsidiary companies and actively promotes educational programs regarding recycling and its benefits to society.

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