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AFRICON continues to explore new business interests, investigation of new co-operations, enhancement of investments and bilateral business relations, activation – expansion of National companies into other markets etc.

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AFRICON experts/consultants will do all necessary work for your company to start operations in the huge markets of Nigeria and West Africa in general.

We will handle:

  • - Initial consultation and market research
  • - New local company registration, physical/non physical setup.
  • - Banking setup.
  • - Company's corporate profile including websites, marketing material, global telephony under unified cloud PBX and more.
  • - Dedicated or shared secretarial support.
  • - Travel arrangements, issuance of visas, tickets and accommodation.
  • - Security arrangements if needed.
  • - Arrangement of local PR/meetings.
  • - Financing
  • - Anything that your company will need for a successful operation.

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Oil & Gas

AFRICON focuses on the Oil & Gas sector in the USA, Europe, Asia and Africa, having established strong relationships with physical suppliers, refineries and customers worldwide. AFRICON is mainly involved in the following activities:

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Having the experience and expertise from decades of successful operation, we are well suited and more than capable to execute any project within the fields of our interest.

Dr. Alkis Algianakis Chairman & CEO, AFRICON Group


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