Energy generation and administration, alternative and conventional sources, container-based mobile power generation units, solar panel manufacturing. Africon Energy in collaboration with Hyundai Heavy Industries Co.Ltd, are currently working with the Federal Ministry of Energy and the Nigerian Energy Council in the Presidency, on the build-manage-operate projects for power-plants inside the country. The first project in discussion is a combination of solutions, comprised of new Diesel, Packaged Power Station © and combined-cycle Apower plants with a total capacity of over 2,000 MW.

The company is also currently looking into the Biodiesel production possibility, through large plantations of biomass efficient plants in Nigeria.

AFRICON & HYUNDAI Heavy Industries Join Forces to Tackle the Power Generation Shortage in Nigeria

Following a lengthy research and evaluation of the Energy sector in Nigeria, AFRICON along with Hyundai Heavy Industries, our valued partners in this effort, will provide a solution that, we believe, is the optimum way towards a very quick and final resolution of the power generation problem of the Country.
AFRICON and Hyundai Heavy Industries plan to build as quickly as possible, large power stations in various States of the country in order to cover part of the huge gap between the currently produced energy and the actual demand (gap of approximately over 30,000 MW).
AFRICON and HHI met in Korea on the 28th of August 2009, in order to further discuss and plan their approach. Mr Lefteris Tsang (International Project Development Director, AFRICON Energy), Mr J. H. Kim (General Manager, Diesel Power Plant Sales Dpt./Engine & Machinery Division, HHI), Mr M. J. Lee (Deputy General Manager, Diesel Power Plant Sales Dpt./Engine & Machinery Division, HHI) and Mr M. J. Kang (Business Development Manager, Diesel Power Plant Sales Dpt./Engine & Machinery Division, HHI).

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