|’n Art| is a multi-purpose platform that offers a comprehensive and customizable range of art services. Specializes in:

  • consultancy on archaeological and museological matters
  • art trading
  • collection development.

Was founded by Nelly Fili and operates under the umbrella of the Africon Group.

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Nelly, over several decades, has built up an extensive knowledge of every aspect of art by combining such disciplines as Archaeology, Museology and Curating. Her collective experience, her professional background in the arts policy and management, her general awareness of new initiatives and trends in the sector along with her engagement to the creative economy of the arts industry add to her effectiveness as founder and leader of |’n Art|.

The mission of |’n Art| is primarily to remind that art can be linked to any discipline, can be developed in unusual contexts and can intersect with various fields.

Final goal is to ensure that art communicates meaningfully to all people at all levels and to blur the boundary between collecting and art.

On the one side, with a deep commitment to artists and artistic process, working with artists at all stages in their careers, |’n Art| provides opportunities for them to develop bold projects in unusual contexts and promote their works at national and international levels.

On the other side, with emphasis on the public role and involvement, |’n Art| attempts to produce a dialogue between people and art in order for people to be intrigued, to be motivated to be provoked; in order for people to invest in art.

Moreover, |’n Art| is proudly working towards encouraging and promoting Non Profit Social Contribution and Cultural Promotion Initiatives by supporting such charitable organizations as the renowned International Foundation for Greece of Aspasia Leventis (IFG), that constitutes a point of reference in benefiting the society and promoting the cultural heritage, at the same time.

Every art project, every art production is an interactive process involving all and it is this attempt of developing a dialogue that constitutes for all of us, the founder and the team of |’n Art|, the greatest inspiration and challenge.                                               

|’n Art| within thought provoking, interpretating and 
wildlife sensitive art projects,
within all of art schemes,
within all kinds of art production,
within all taste.

Follow |’n Art| and ‘spoil’ yourself with fine art treatment !

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