One of our services is Business Consulting which focuses on achieving an increased value and performance for our Clients businesses. Today’s business environment is highly competitive and fast-moving, which necessitates more flexible action and quicker response processes. AFRICON is dedicated to helping you attain the desired transformation of your business, to optimise, automate but also simplify. We do that by understanding the objectives of your business and defining your present capabilities, noting your strengths and the areas that need improvement, and then creating a plan of action that will bring forth tactical as well as strategic solutions.

AFRICON offers a full range of services that draws upon expert knowledge on Telecommunications, Oil & Gas, Shipping, Financial Services, Health Care and several other industries. AFRICON has also a unique and extensive knowledge of the African business environment. We deliver productive ways to improve our Clients’ digital marketing, their IT acumen, analysis processes, automation processes, and mobile office operations. We help our Clients become more knowledgeable about who their target audience is and what are their specific needs. We help them establish their businesses abroad, in USA, Europe, Asia and Africa, in order to expand their horizons outside of the country they are currently operating.

Using collective business experience of all our consultants, we’ve been able to change the usual model for consulting by connecting business with IT processes and the application of software as a service. Our consultants often save substantial investments in expensive technology providing proven, simpler and cost effective alternatives. Working with AFRICON one will gain excellent insight on relevant technologies, application of development methods and quality management procedures, along with counsel about electronic payments setup, particular to your business. We also offer access to our ERP system (Hydra © ), and can organise all your telecommunications needs with solutions ranging from cloud PBXs, global internal telephone extensions, cheap mobile and fixed telephony rates, IVRs, Technical support Queues, online billing and management portals and many more.

Our plan for application development stems from our professional experience, our interactions with our Clients, and thorough market investigation. With this method, we are able to find excellent solutions for complex business and technology situations that help our Clients save money, gain new flexibility in their operations, strengthen their efficiency and improve their agility in market response.

Expand Your Market Grow Your Business

AFRICON experts/consultants will do all necessary work for your company to start operations in the huge markets of Nigeria and West Africa in general.

We will handle:

  • Initial consultation and market research
  • New local company registration, physical/non physical setup.
  • Banking setup.
  • Company’s corporate profile including websites, marketing material, global telephony under unified cloud PBX and more.
  • Dedicated or shared secretarial support.
  • Travel arrangements, issuance of visas, tickets and accommodation.
  • Security arrangements if needed.
  • Arrangement of local PR/meetings.
  • Financing
  • Anything that your company will need for a successful operation.

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