AFRICON Group focuses on various projects and investments in Nigeria and in West Africa in general.
It has become common belief and confidence that it is about time for Nigeria and other West African countries to claim the position that they deserve in the international enterprise world and become the international business centre in Africa.
We are certain that all this effort and investment will result in the prosperity of the people of West African Countries and eventually bring them in line with all the financially strong countries of the world.

Our executives and employees come with extensive experience in each of the aforementioned fields, giving us the required strength to distinguish among competition. In certain sectors where we deemed appropriate, we have formed or plan to form joint ventures under some of the previously mentioned companies of the group, as well as, strong alliances with experts (companies and individuals) in the fields, both in West Africa and abroad.

In furtherance to all mentioned above, AFRICON continues to explore new business interests in the continent always in the context of the spirit described herein (investigation of new co-operations, enhancement of investments and bilateral business relations, activation - expansion of the National companies into other markets etc).

Having the experience and expertise from Greece, we believe that we are well suited and more than capable to execute any project within the aforementioned fields.

Dr. Alkis Algianakis

Chairman/CEO, AFRICON Group